Friday, May 1, 2015

Artsphere and Dance

World dance day was on 29th April and what better way to celebrate it than to attend a dance show where all forms of dance were performed. (well almost all)

The show was organised by Artsphere at the Symbiosis  auditorium (Viman nagar)
It was a visual treat, not to mention the music that accompanied it. 

I had seen some of the artists perform earlier like the performers from the Naad Nrityalaya  and had written a blog on them earlier. 

The various form of dance were Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Salsa, Contemporary and belly dance accompanied by drum solo.  

The Capoeira may look like Dandia but it is actually a Brazilian martial art which was developed during the European colonial era by the slaves, allowing them to express themselves and rebel against suppression through acrobatics, fluid body movements, music and good energy. (The sickle is replaced by the sticks) 

Out of all the items above, what I liked best was the participation of the children with special needs. They had no stage fright and was just rearing to go.  The children along with the teachers presented a jungle and rainbow show followed by a small Djembe performance.  The first video is based entirely on their performance. 

After a long time I got to see a peti (harmonium) on stage  

Some of the advantages of filming near the stage is that you get to capture the sound of the ghungroo and the stomp of the feet. Or for that matter capturing the finer points like these three young ladies standing on their heels, which may be missed out by the audience. 

The second video is a glimpse of all the dance performances. Even though I had longer footage, I had to deliberately shorten it to reduce the overall length (still it runs into two parts) (Here is the second part of the second video)

The selective audience who were very appreciative about the performance. 

The team who made it all happen 

Friday, March 27, 2015

From the Archives Santana Row Part One

Nothing like observing people playing chess. I am talking about adults as well as children. 

It was nice to see these kids making the right moves, and not engaged in some electronic games indoor.    

While I was watching them play, she really knocked off his pawn with her horse (you can see it in the video)

These are some of the pictures and video footage that I had in my archives – some that I shot two years ago at Santana Row, San Jose, California.
I liked the general ambiance of the place with elderly couples having a relaxed evening 

The entrance to the Vintage Wine Bar caught my attention and I thought that I should click it. The next time I go there I must make it a point to go inside as I heard that their two for one flight/glass during Happy Hours is great. 

Liked the way the leaves decorated the  El Jardin Tequila Bar  

Almost all the tables were occupied and there was a group playing some calypso music   

I could not get what the crooners were singing but the beat was really catchy   
The crowd started trickling in and the attendants were all ready to start the heaters   

Not far from the Bar, our friends were engaged in their mental war of wits.  

As the lights came on, the crowd started swelling and people were jostling for standing space, but they were in a happy mood swaying to the rhythm of the music.  

The game went on under special lights 

The same night there was a special cycle rally that passed through Santana Row – more on that in the next episode.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Photo shoot

Three photo shoots covered in the last two weeks, and all three happened to be birthday parties (first birthday)
It was an experience, especially with kids all over the place. If you are on the lookout you can get some good expressions especially of the kids. This one was ready to trade a kiss for the chocolate bar 

This one had some nice coochie coohie things to tell the guests. 

But the best I liked was the expression (and action) of this little guy when he was asked to pick the winner of the game “bombing the city” Looked like he was saying “Oh my God, I have the privilege of picking the winner?”  

The same guy was very loud and clear in his protest when his mother picked up another child to pose for a photo.  

This child was not comfortable in the arms of Mickey Mouse, but then mamma wants a picture clicked for posterity.  

The first programme was almost a washout with the unexpected rains in Pune. 

But I managed to capture some of the highlights of the evening and strung them together to make a small video.

Some have it in real grand style with magic shows 

 and there are cameras of different shapes and sizes to capture the event 

If you keep one eye on the cake you are sure to see this sight – kids making a quick lick even before the cake is cut. 

I have to work more on my yoga classes as squatting and getting up is not an easy task for me. To catch this girl's impromptu dance I had to go down on the ground level.

 pic from two feet height

 pic from six feet height

Obviously the former picture is more appealing.

Apart from handing over the soft copies, the parents are happy when I isolate some of the pictures with a white background. 

At the end of the day the birthday baby is real tired with all the attention.