Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Keukenhof II

Within Keukenhof garden there is a small farm house. A good way to get children (and adults) familiar with the farm animals. The animals are very docile and don’t mind the kids petting them. In fact the zoo itself is called “petting zoo”

A glimpse of the Dutch Cheese over here - and you can buy them too.

Some artistic arrangements with the same theme. An used tyre from one of the farms as the flower pot.

We have a pair of clogs and it has found its place in our  loft, but now after wifey sees this flower arrangement I know that pair is going to see the daylight (in our garden)

In fact its how you place the flowers and where you place them that makes the difference.

OK, as it is Keukenhof, it is time for you to see some flowers:

I like these tricycles placed at strategic places for the sale of the ice cream.

Landscaping is an art and I was fortunate enough to get some good photographs of them as I happened to be at this part of the garden in the evening which created those long shadows:

OK its time for some more flowers:

I grabbed a bite from the cafeteria and proceeded with the exploring. I should not call it a cafeteria as it was a full-fledged eating place, better than a high class restaurant.

At the entrance of Orange Nassau there is a huge Classified list and international register of Tulip names. I clicked this picture at an angle by which the names look tiny but the Indian Actress Aishwarya’s name is on the top line (its alphabetically listed)

Those who are interested in the history of the flower, there is the Historical Garden 

For those who are not interested in smelling the flowers – a chess board to while away the time – king size.

Time for more flowers:

Tulipa 'Roze Leen'

Tulipa 'Yellow springgreen'

I think all are getting an overdose of flowers . . . .  . . . so we continue in the next post. The earlier post had a mention about the Windmill at Keukenhof.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Windmill at Keukenhof

Was always fascinated by windmills right from the time I read about Don Quixote and de la Mancha in school.  So I decided that I had to see this one.

The Windmill in Keukenhof, (built in 1892) was originally a polder drainage mill. It was later shifted to this place and donated to Keukenhof  in 1957

You are allowed to climb to the top and the view from there is really great especially of the tulip gardens.

Its rows and rows of one colour

The inside is all solid wood and one can see the gears (wooden gears) engaging each other to transmit the power to the vertical shaft. It can be seen in motion in the video

I did look up for some more information on the net and found it very interesting to know how windmills helped in the good old days.

Anyone wanting more information about windmills and how it works, can get it here.

This tree with the white leaves caught my attention from the top.

The boat takes you around where you can have a closer look at the tulips in their farms.

The other side is streaming with tourists and all of them would like to have a picture clicked in the large clogs.

I wonder if this little guy is waiting for his turn to jump into the clog

Talking about the little guy, I saw many dog lovers who came with their pets.

National windmill day will be celebrated on May 10th and 11th  of 2014.

 By the way Keukenhof  covers 74 acres and is the largest garden in the world.
More on it in the next post, meanwhile here are few pics as preview: