Thursday, July 10, 2014

The fruit market

While in the fruit market, I saw this lady, almost lost in the heap of newspaper that was used to wrap up these papaya.  I think her job was to unwrap them.  It is said that that by covering the fruit in paper the ethylene gas emitted is trapped inside which helps the fruit to ripen faster.  I would be more worried by the printer’s ink that gets rubbed on to the fruit when a newspaper is used (especially if it is not soy ink)

Once unwrapped and segregated, these ripe ones make a pretty picture, with a dash of yellow and green.  

The variety of fruit that one gets to see in a fruit market is something that I look forward to.

For example this Dragon Fruit caught my eye. One of those fruits that I have yet to taste.

The Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) is being hailed as having remarkable health giving properties including the ability to regulate the blood sugar level in diabetics as well as providing a dose of anti-oxidants.  

For those who want to know, they were sold at Rs 200/- per kg. (may be, next time I will buy a few)

Haggling and selecting the fruit is one of the things that I enjoy watching in a market.

The heap of watermelon says that it is still in good supply even though it is well past summer time.

Saw these fresh dates and bought some. (I never knew fresh dates were red in colour) 

All these fruits reminded me of the water apple (syzygium samarangense) that I clicked at my sister's place last month. They make excellent wine. 

Talking of fruits, we usually club tomatoes under vegetables even though they are fruits.

The same goes for coconuts. We never consume them as fruits, but is used mainly for cooking in “coconut based curries”

And talking about coconuts, these pictures shows how coconut trunks are used as goal posts in “God’s own country”

Considering the world cup fever, I think this is the right picture to sign off with. 

May the best team win.


  1. Now that fruit market is what I wish I could find here in the states. We go to farmer's markets but most of it is craft stuff and I want to find good fruits and veggies. I had no idea papaya could be that large.

  2. Nice pictures and interesting narration too :)

  3. Hari Om
    Oh gosh am drooling here.... I sooooooo miss the Indian fruits and veges; very limited supply here in Scotland and expensive. Delicious post! YAM xx

  4. The fruit looks so delicious! Great photos!

  5. Lovely pictures. Seeing all that fruit makes me hungry.

  6. Your tropical fruit is very different from most of what's available in the Pacific Northwest U.S. and your post is very interesting. I've never seen dragon fruit nor water apples...and I think dates are usually only available dried. (Thanks for visiting Sequim Daily Photo!)

  7. A wonderful trip and I liked the first picture most of all.

  8. Nice. All the fruit looks so yummy I am getting hungry.

  9. WOWOWOWOW.. now that is surly heaven FRESH RIPE yummy Fruit and the veggies...

    oh yes football mania is almost coming to an end .. I hope argentina win .. Messy scoring the winning goad .. PERFECT ending :)
    but i hav ea funny feeling germany are going to spoil the party as they did with BRazil .. fingers crossed


  10. Beautiful captures!

    Even my parents at home wrap papaya for quick ripening. I never thought about the ink... could be dangerous, no?

  11. The colors are indeed beautiful. I never heard of water apples.
    I never thought about it before but I guess fruit needs to be washed or peeled before eating. Love the idea of palm tree goal posts

  12. I always enjoy going to Farmer's Markets in the summer. In our area they tend to have more vegetables than fruits, but everything is certainly fresh and tasty. I like the coconut tree goal posts!

  13. Dear Joe,
    Lovely post about delicious fruits and their neat presentation.
    The ink cannot do any harm to the outside skin of a papaya as it doesn't get consumed. We have seen, while working and living in Indonesia, that the poor people ate thir rice which got wrapped inside newspaper. Now that is a health hazard!
    Water apples we also tasted in Indonesia, sure one can make wine out of any fruit...
    You skipped the delicious pomegranates and they are a super food with great health qualities.
    Enjoy the abundance and it sure will make you stay healthy.
    Kindest regards,

  14. Colorful! And many types of fruit we do not have. I also enjoyed your post on the redwoods.

  15. Love your picture stories. Bright and interesting.

  16. We have farmers markets here and many from our group are going to visit there today.

    Have a fabulous day and thanks for visiting Comedy Plus. :)

  17. What vibrant pictures! Even more, love the trail of your thoughts :)

  18. Is that the Market Yard in Pune? What lovely fruits .

  19. Love these colorful fruits.
    Very beautiful photos.

  20. Some really lovely fruits shots! Super tempting :)

  21. The papayas look great but gotta admit the newspaper pic is really funny :-)

  22. Such colorful pictures :) beautiful!

  23. Wow I have not seen so much fruit in one place and such colors of them. Must be wonderful to have access to so many varietes.